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Midsummer Meg presents...

Posted on Monday, 30 April 2012 02:52PM by
My name is Meg, actually Midsummer Meg as I was born on midsummer’s day in 2010. meg_as_a_puppy.jpg I have been asked to write a column on the Sheldon Cottages website I presume to try and draw in more guests using a doggie direction of advertising.

I actually come from Carlisle, Holmelyne Labradors & Border Collies, owned by Erica Down.I am a rough coated tri-coloured Border Collie. I have a pretty good life here in Monyash with my brother Copper, also a tri (rescue dog) and Sasha (a Heinz rescue) both getting on a bit in age but I keep them going with my antics. You will see a picture of them, the one below the hens, Sasha and Copper are at the front with Molly, who died of old age before I arrived, that’s why they got me to replace Molly, I think. We also have two cats, brother and sister, Kit is black and white and we are great pals and Kat, Princess Skatty, a tabby whom I really am not too partial to and I think the feeling is mutual 
The other thing we have here are the hens Buff Orpingtons known to the humans as the Goldengolden_girls.jpg Girls.
I love to give them a scare in the morning when they are coming out of their hut for their breakfast

I have recently been taken back to Carlisle as my human mistress and master want me to have some pups. I was partnered with Mirk, Kirkley Hall Mirk at
mirk.jpgHolmelyne. He is a rough blue tri colour. We spent about six days together and he was a great chap, very kind and gentle, and we had a lot of fun. However, we did not let on with all that happened and Erica was not amused and told us to stop behaving like Darby and Joan and get on with the job. She said we looked like a pair of bookends – I ask you. So now my humans will have to wait until I have a scan in about a month’s time. Erica thinks that if I am having pups they should arrive about 12 June.

I do have a habit of ‘singing’ when I want something whether attention, food or to just go out, so when I was put back into my kennel at night I would serenade all the other doggies for a little while. At home I have to sleep in the hall at the bottom of the stairs in the main house as I am not allowed to sleep with Copper in the garage as I keep guests in Sheldon Barn awake, I cannot sleep with Sasha in her kennel as the B&B windows are directly overlooking the back garden, they cannot leave me in the kitchen for Food & Hygiene reasons and also, I more than likely would disturb the B&B guests sleeping above with
my tunes early in the morning.Sasha, Molly and Copper Dog.JPG

Today is changeover day for the cottages and it is a great day. Andy the gardener comes – he and Copper are really good buddies. There are lots of balls to play with and fun but I know my place being the new girl as it has been a ‘boys day’ for a long time!

I gather according the book (called The Book of the Bitch) which my humans are reading, I could suffer from morning sickness. I wonder if I will get food cravings? Apparently a very good thing about being pregnant is that is my coat becomes very healthy and I can tell you it looks pretty good at the moment, so you never know!

I will write again later when I have more news……so for now Woof Woof!


PS More exciting news – I have just heard that some new chicks should be arriving next week! I will send you a photo or two.

6 May 2012

Woof....and another woof here to report more - I have been poorly on 3 occasions in the morning...maybe!  Anyway off for a scan on Thursday so will let you know.

dscf0834.jpgThought you would like to see the lambs that are in the field just beyond our garden.

The new hens did arrive, quite differnet from the Golden Girls, a a lot smaller in comparison.  There are six, 2 Warrens, 2 Speckled and 2 Greys.  There is a pretty cute Warren who has been named Naughty Nora she is the brown one in the photodscf0864.jpg.   The Mistress and Master went away for a few days just after these chicks arrived and Trudy our Housekeeper stayed whilst we doggies went  to Dogglins, not that we mind cos its a very nice place called Upperwood Kennels at Two Dales. We are quite happy there, as long as its just for a short break!  Anyway to go back to the chicks, Trudy was just checking on them and low and behold one had escaped from the special chicks run, just flew over,  and was mixing with the golden oldies apparently quite happy which was not good news as you are supposed to keep them apart for a while just in case they had brought germs with them and also they had to be wormed.  So she named this chick Naughty Nora and her sister is now called Cora, heaven knows why but that is what Trudy has decided and she must be obeyed!

Anyway, apart from that morning sickness, its been great because I have  got two new pals who are staying in Sheldon Barn called Matthew and Becky!  (see the photos, by kind permission of their Mum and Dad)dscf0871.jpg.They are only staying for a few days short break but love to play ball with me and Copper and we have a great time before they go off walking with their parents and  I think Matthew likes me more than Copper!  Its now nearly tea time and Matthew is not back yet so am lying  on the Barn doorstep in anticipation of another ball game.    I forgot to tell you the week before I had a doggie pal called Archie staying in Sheldon Cottage, where we allow one well behaved dog to stay.   He wasn't  really allowed to play out with me but we had good barks together  and I did try to help him escape by dropping balls in the Sheldon Cottage garden from the wall, but to no avail.  Hey ho you can't win them all but at least I tried!  He has been before a few times and  it is really nice that he keeps coming back, I think he will be here next year too as his master and mistress love the peace and quiet of the area (apart from our barking) and did not really want to leave at the end of the week.

We had some very nice guests staying with us for the Bank Holiday and it was Mr Timmins birthday (right front)! The mistress made him a cake and took this photo. dscf0873.jpg

I will go now and report after my scan on Thursday!

Woof Woof

Friday 11 May 2012

Changeover day again.  Its quite quiet today as everyone went after the Bank Hols last Monday.  Copper is happy because Andy is here and I am a little sad because yesterday's scan showed that I was not having puppies after all.  My sickness must have been a bug or something.  Anyway the Mistress has spoken to Erica and I shall be going back to Carlisle probably end of September to meet Mirk again.  I know the Mistress is very disappointed.  Oh well hopefully better luck next time! I will still carry on regardless with my news.

Woof Woof

Saturday 9 June 2012

Well I am so sorry, I have not written for a month!  How time flies.  I have had a bit of a scare, an exciting one and then disappointing.  The Mistress and Master thought I was pregnant because on checking my tummy they found that I was growing boobies.  Anyway I was taken for another scan but it showed nothing at all - a phantom pregnancy.  In a way it is probably a good thing because we are waiting to hear when the second grandchild has arrived (due today) watch this space - all we know is that it is a girl, a little sister for Robbie.

Talking of Robbie, he came for a BBQ last Tuesday, Jubilee Day.  It is such fun when he comes, except I keep getting into trouble cos he is just my height and I keep giving him a loving lick - does not go down well with his mummy and daddy.  I think actually he prefers to play with the hens.  That was about the only nice day we have had since we came back from ten days holiday in Anglesey where it was so hot and the sea was the only place where you could cool off.  Poor Sasha and Copper, being a tad bit older, found it very difficult so walks were restricted.  Sorry no photos were taken, don't know why.  Mistress is slipping.

Woof Woof

We have been busy here with bookings and some doggie guests. Fun!

Thursday 21 June 2012

Today is my birthday Midsummers Day and I am 2 - thank all of you who have sent birthday wishes! It is a horrid day just rain all the time.  The mistress and master have given me a lovely yellow ball and I cannot play out with it yet.  Copper keeps nicking it - all we can do at the moment is stare at it.

Monday 30 October 2012

Well I have had a really lovely summer with loads of people to play with, lots of balls - it did not matter about the weather for me!  Anyway time flies and I have just come into Season again and today the Mistresss and Master are taking me back to Carlisle to see Mirk again.  So we will wait and see and I will report once I return home in a week or so.

13 November 2013

I am home now.  The Mistress and Master collected me yesterday, when I heard their voices I was so pleased to see them.  We went for a walk and then drove home.  I enjoyed my stay apart from the fact I did not fancy Mirk at all, he tried, but...... Erica thought one of the red collies who was quite a bit younger than Mirk but he did not fancy me.  So there it is I am not having puppies.

I overheard the Mistress and Master and they will probably leave me for another year as it could well be hormonal (on my part) or they may get another puppy from Erica.